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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Upcoming Events


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Marketplace Forums

Each forum event involves a topical Powerpoint presentation by apologist James Pannafino

(Marketplace Ministries), along with available Q&A session:




Seminar #1: Apologetics... What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Many have good questions about God, Life and Eternity

Being prepared with good answers...the ‘right thing’

Seminar #2: Can Truth Be personally Experienced?

Truth... is it knowable?, logical? absolute?

Seminar #3: God... What Is The Evidence?

How can we come to a reasonable understanding for the existence of God and why does it matter?

What are the seven world views regarding the ‘God question’? 

Seminar #4: Evolution vs Theism... What Worldview Best Reflects Reality?

Where did we come from... the best explanation!

Seminar #5: The Problem of Evil and Suffering

Why is the world as bad as it seems to be? Is there hope for mankind's future?

Seminar #6: Morality... Intrinsic or Man-made? 

How do we perceive our moral ground of being?

Where do values come from?

Seminar #7: Is The Bible Authentic and Reliable?

How did the Bible come to be?

Is it really trustworthy and practical in today’s modern age? 

How do we know that the Bible originates from God?

Seminar #8: The Jesus Question?

Who was Jesus? What were his claims?

What is the Resurrection evidence and why does it matter?


Other seminar topics available:


Archeology and the Bible


A Worldview Comparison


Reason and Faith... Following The Evidence Where It Leads


Does Truth Exist... Or Is Everything Just Relative?


What About Miracles and Science?


What Comes After Death?


What Really Brings Happiness (Momentary Joy with Lasting Contentment)?


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